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The Poet and The Artist in Aphrodite’s Garden

The exhibit The Poet and the Artist in Aphrodite’s Garden: Liminal, Lyrical, Lucid was held in June and July of 2014 in Warehouse 416 in the Art Murmur district of downtown Oakland, California.

Its’ genesis was the multidimensional collaboration of Jais Booth, artist, and Dr. Dreampoet, aka the poet Cheja, over a period of 9 amazing years.

We are the founders of the Liminal Art Salon™, and our art and poetry crosses the threshold of ordinary, mundane thought and enters the dimensions of higher consciousness in a spontaneous and unscripted fashion.

Being attuned to each other and the collective conscious and collective unconscious, the words and the images speak in the same language, the language of light. Energy, Light, Consciousness and Form weave together their magic and express the messages our world needs to hear now. We play in Aphrodite’s Garden, the garden, or mind, of cosmic love.

We hold other periodic events. Please visit our website at for more information. To communicate with us email